Faculty of Education

This is the biggest faculty at CARUMUCO due to the current high demand for teachers in the country. The faculty has five departments which include: Department of Education Foundation, Department of History, Department of Linguistics & Literature and the Department of Foundations of Education. The faculty offers Masters of Educational Management (MEM), Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED) programmes and Diploma of Primary Education (DIPED). The faculty is made up of 19 experienced team of academic staff.


Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED)

This three-year programme gives students the foundations of education with the aim of imparting in the learners a sense of professionalism in the teaching profession built upon a strong foundation of effective pedagogical skills and subject content knowledge. The programme moulds individuals who have the desire to be high school teachers. The areas of specialization are History, Geography, English, Kiswahili and Literature.

Our goals:

  • Develop and promote academic and pedagogical competence in both subject content and methodology among the teacher trainees and those in schools through in-service programmes and consultancy services.
  • To provide quality theoretical and practical training in the field of education
  • To provide general understanding of educational principles and tools to work in a school environment
  • To develop understanding of curriculum design, implementation and assessment
  • To impart skills of lesson design, presentation and assessment as well as classroom management
  • To impart skills that will encourage talent-oriented education.

Programme Structure - Academic Content Knowledge

  1. General Core Courses:
    • Social ethics and morality (PH 113)
    • Development studies (DS 101)
    • Communication skills (LG 111)
    • Basic English Course (from year I to year II)
    • Basic French
  2. Academic Courses
    The current programme constitutes Social Sciences and Humanities. Students study two teaching subjects in the following possible subject combination:
  • History/Kiswahili
  • History/English
  • History/Geography
  • Geography/Kiswahili
  • Geography/English
  • English/Literature
  • English/Kiswahili
  • Kiswahili/Literature
  • Professional Training
    Preparation for teaching profession and educational leadership

    • Educational Foundations
    • Curriculum development
    • Educational leadership and management
    • Teaching approaches and methodology
    • Educational research skills
  • Field experience
    Supervised Teaching Practice

    • The Teaching Practice (TP 103 and TP 203) take place for six weeks.
    • The student-teachers work under the supervision of experienced teachers who, through the head of school/the academic Master/Mistress give feedback through a confidential report at the end of the exercise.
    • The students are also assessed by lecturers from the Faculty of Education