A Word from the Principal, Fr. Dr. Frowin Mlengule

DirectorThe importance of  higher education lies in the fact that knowledge is a key factor in development, i.e.,

  1.  Any social change and economic progress, is achieved principally through the advancement and application of knowledge;
  2. Higher Education in general and University Education in particular is necessary for the creation, dissemination, and application of that knowledge by building technical and professional capabilities.

Today the role of higher education as the engine of development in the new knowledge dependent economy is widely acknowledged. Higher Education is therefore, a critical pillar of human development. Some have even concluded that if we have to think of really development or better sustainable development we have to bank in brain and not in industries. Indeed, Higher Education is central to the creation of the intellectual capacity on which knowledge production and utilization depend. However, globalization and the increasing importance of knowledge as a principal driver of growth have exposed education systems to great challenges. Hence, a quick action is needed. Here I find very relevant Darwin’s theory that:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Yes, the changing global environment and needs of higher education as witnessed in the last decade of last century calls for a reflection or re-orientation; it calls for an adequate response. The ability of a society to produce, select, adapt, and use knowledge is critical for sustained economic growth and improved living standards. If indeed, Higher Education is to be a corner stone in ensuring quality life for our generation, its quality and relevance must be addressed. It is only quality higher education which can be a force towards sustainable development. The role of education for sustainable development must, therefore, define a path that we must take if we are to achieve our goals and meet our expectations.