Department of Linguistics & Languages

The CARUMUCO Linguistics, Languages, & Literature Department focuses on laying a strong foundation for life long study of languages so that our University College is a home of Linguistics in the Republic. We always intend to train students to the levels of international repute in both theoretical and applied linguistics. These fields include; Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax as well the cross disciplinary areas such as Language Acquisition, Historical & Comparative Linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse Studies and Socio-linguistics.

The Department boasts of a classic language laboratory that facilitates the study of Phonetics, Second language learning, and Discourse Analysis.

Our Literature study areas are aimed at raising self - consciousness of our students to the immediate culture and the larger human society. Most importantly, we let our learners explore how these cultural expressions find their way into the language of the users. Critical Survey of Tanzanian Literature, East African Poetry and Drama, African Oral Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, Stylistics and Literary Techniques together with Feminist Theories and American / Caribbean Literature form core areas of disbursing Literature knowledge to our students. Each year we channel an average of 200 students, passionate about the science of language to the job Market.