Department of Educational Foundations


About the Department

The Department of Educational Foundations is one of the largest departments at Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College, a constituent college of the St. Augustine University in Tanzania. The department offers educational foundation courses that focus on introducing student-teachers to the foundations of education, and the place of curriculum and instruction within these foundations. The purpose of educational foundation courses is to prepare future professionals in education and related fields who are critical thinkers, well informed about theory and practice, and who possess the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be change agents in economically, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse communities of Tanzania and beyond. This purpose is achieved by proving student-teachers with a broad-based focus on content preparation and sophisticated understanding of intersections of multiple disciplines within larger historical and contemporary themes.

With this purpose in mind, the courses provided by the department are designed to offer an overview of the historical and philosophical foundations of education and implications for educational practice today. They focus on the current context of education as well as develop an historical perspective. Additionally, educational foundation courses critically analyzes historical events which led the educational system into a Standard Based instructional model and link the education theories and principles to the design of work that meets the needs of students, extending the learning environment to anywhere, any place, and any time. Significant emphasis is placed on the application of these theories to classroom practice, with attention given to teaching-learning strategies in specific content areas. Student teachers are provided with the opportunities to develop and reflect upon their own theories of teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Educational foundation courses core courses; are a requirement to all student- teachers of education and must be taken in their period study.

Members of the Department

The department is serviced by the following staff as of current: