(Some introductory text should go here) SAUT - Bukoba Centre runs has two faculties, responding the great need in our country, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences. As developing country, with youth being the largest population, we decide to put emphasise into knowledge which will empower the next generation.

  1. Faculty of Education is the biggest faculty at SAUT- Bukoba Centre due to the current high demand for teachers in the country. The faculty has four departments which include:
    • Department of Geography
    • Department of History
    • Department of Kiswahili
    • Department of Linguistics & Literature
    • Department of Foundations of Education.

    The faculty offers Masters of Educational Management and Planning (MEMP) and Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED) programmes. The faculty is made up of 19 experienced team of academic staff.

  2. Faculty of Social Sciences is the second biggest faculty at SAUT - Bukoba Centre. It offers different programmes which in turn provide quality sociological education that enriches students and, therefore, the communities in which they reside.