Higher Education is a key determinant in the process of planning and realization of sustainable development.

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Join our University College to equip yourself with quality education and acquire the skills and competences necessary for a sustainable development.


Welcome to Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College

Welcome to Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College

Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College (CARUMUCO), is part of the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT).

SAUT, established in 1998, is an independent higher learning institution governed by the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Universities in Tanzania and the University Council under the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania (TEC). The University is accredited holding a certificate of Accreditation granted by the higher Education Accreditation Council of Tanzania, Tanzania Commission for Universities, from September 2002 in accordance with the provisions of the Educational (Amendment) Act No. 10 of 1995.

In realizing the University’s mission and vision, our centre is bearing the  motto:  Higher Education for Sustainable Development. At Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College, we believe that change is a major determinant in the process of planning and realisation of sustainable development, and education is the only shield.  

The University incorporates Constituent Colleges and Centres. Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College is one of the Constituent Colleges. The College currently offers Bachelor of Arts with Education, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Masters in Education Management and Planning, Masters in Business Administration, Diploma in Law, Diploma in Education, Diploma in Accounts and Finance, Certificate in Information Technology, Certificate in Accounts, Certificate in Law, and Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

CARUMUCO  is located at Manumbu area, Nkindo village about 8 kilometres from Bukoba town, the capital of Kagera Region, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The centre lies in an area of 20 Ha.


Fr. Dr. Frowin Mlengule

The importance of higher education lies in the fact that knowledge is a key factor in development, i.e., 1. Any social change and economic progress, is achieved principally through the advancement and application of knowledge; 2. Higher Education in general and University Education in particular is necessary for the creation, dissemination, and application of that knowledge by building technical and professional capabilities. Today the role of higher education as the engine of development in the new knowledge dependent economy is widely acknowledged. Higher Education is therefore, a critical pillar of human development. Some have even concluded that if we have to think of really development or better sustainable development we have to bank in brain and not in industries. Indeed, Higher Education is central to the creation of the intellectual capacity on which knowledge production and utilization depend. - Read More